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Jobs in Canada General Information

Canadian health care employers are facing an ever-growing shortage of health professionals. Driven by a number of factors, principal of which is the aging of the workforce, shortages of nurses are now commonplace in Canadian hospitals and clinics. In an attempt to compensate for enduring staff shortages, employers have had to use the existing health care workforce more intensively by relying on overtime and agency staffing. More recently Canadian health care employers are incorporating a foreign recruitment strategy into their overall staffing plans.

There are more than 300,000 nurses currently practicing in Canada. While no exact number has been established for the actual number of nurses currently required in Canada, there is a consensus that the current shortage is 15,000 - 20,000 nurses. An array of studies analyzing the issues and trends affecting supply and demand for nurses in Canada indicate that the shortage is very likely to increase.

As a Registered Nurse in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and current nursing experience in a hospital setting, you have the background and skills, which are currently in great demand by Canadian health care employers.

Jobs in Canada HealthStaff's Selection Criteria

We are recruiting Registered Nurses in the Philippines for Practical and Registered Nursing positions in various locations in Canada.

Practical Nursing in Canada
Registered Nursing in Canada

To be eligible for consideration, all candidates must possess:
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree from a recognized educational program.
• A minimum of two years current work experience in a hospital setting.
• Current PRC Registration.
• A clear criminal record
• Good health, as a mandatory physical examination is required for immigration purposes.

As part of the initial evaluation of your eligibility, we will arrange for a personal interview and require each candidate to complete a discipline specific skill analysis.

WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd.

We have been assisting nurses in the Philippines, United Kingdom, India and several other countries pursue their goal of living in working in the Canada since 1998. To date we have assisted hundreds of internationally educated nurses in achieving Canadian nursing licensure, secure full-time nursing employment in Canada and obtain permanent residency including immediate family members.

We have established a permanent, professionally staffed offices in Manila and Cebu through an exclusive agreement with HPRC Training and Accreditation Assistance Centre (HRPC) of Manila. The HealthStaff - HRPC team combines to provide you with a comprehensive service package second to none.

HealthStaff also has a permanent, professionally staffed offices in United Kingdom and the United States and partnerships with leading recruiters in many other countries.

We have established our own professionally staffed office in London. Our London office is conveniently located at:

Boundary House
Boston Road, London W7 2QE
Telephone: 020 8434 3578
Toll Free: 0800 876 6977


We are one of very few North American based recruitment firms to have made a commitment to have an ongoing presence and capacity to work directly with candidates in the UK. We are not only here today, we will be here throughout the entire recruitment and immigration processes providing advice and support.

Jobs in Canada Achieving Nursing Licensure

In order to be eligible to practice as a Registered Nurse in Canada, Philippine educated and licensed nurses must write the Canadian Registered Nurses Examination (CRNE).

The CRNE can only be taken in Canada and takes place four times a year in January, June, August and October. The examination consists of approximately 300 multiple choice questions and takes place over one day, in two sessions of three and a half hours.

HealthStaff will facilitate Philippine nurses writing the CRNE in Canada. To this end HealthStaff will assist nurses complete the necessary application forms, complete required credentials assessment procedures and make available learning materials to assist in preparing for the exam.

Jobs in Canada NCLEX-PN Exam Now Accepted to Become Licensed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada.

You may be accepted to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada if you have a US Practical Nurse License.  The NCLEX-PN exam is available in the Philippines once you have received eligibility from a US State.  Once you have passed the NCLEX-PN examination please contact our office at to arrange an interview.

Philippine educated and licensed nurses can still complete the regular process of becoming eligible to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada by writing the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).

The CPNRE can only be taken in Canada and takes place three times a year in January, May and September. The examination consists of approximately 250 multiple choice questions.

HealthStaff will facilitate Philippine nurses writing the CPNRE in Canada. To this end HealthStaff will assist nurses complete the necessary application forms, complete required credentials assessment procedures and make available learning materials to assist in preparing for the exam.

Jobs in Canada Employers and Job Offers

HealthStaff recruits nurses for direct placement with Canadian health care employers. We are not a staffing agency and we do not place nurses into temporary travel positions.

Practical and Registered nurses are employed in acute care hospitals, long term care facilities and community clinics and home health care organizations. The provision of nursing and essential health services is generally publicly funded in Canada and as such are delivered as part of Canada's extensive public health care system.

Canadian law and existing collective agreements in place with employers and unions require employers to offer every foreign educated applicant the same pay and benefits offered to Canadian applicants with comparable qualifications.

Employers may provide financial assistance to help offset some of the costs related to relocation, immigration and or professional licensure in Canada. The exact terms and conditions of such assistance vary with each employer.

Employers require that foreign educated applicants make a commitment to work for them for a period of two years. Upon the completion of the initial two-year term, each nurse has the option of remaining with the employer, or pursuing employment elsewhere.

Jobs in Canada The Immigration Process

There are two methods of immigrating to Canada where a valid job offer exists.

The first option is to apply for a ‘Temporary Foreign Worker’ permit which allows an employer to offer and validate employment for up to two years. The job offer must be validated by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Validation by HRSDC ensures that the employer has made reasonable efforts to employ a qualified Canadian, but none are available. The federal government’s policy establishes that Canadians must have first opportunity at employment openings and not be displaced by a foreign worker.

The second immigration option is to apply for permanent landed immigrant status. The individual applying receives priority because a valid job awaits them. Entry into Canada is then permanent and the landed individual and their immediate family members may apply for citizenship after three years residence. Although this approach may appear to be better the processing time is significantly longer due to the security and personal checks that are required.

WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd. (HealthStaff) has taken the approach that the best method for both the employer and the worker candidate is the temporary worker approach. There tends to be less complication in the application process and the worker will normally arrive in Canada much faster. In addition, the Canada Immigration Act changed in 2002 allowing temporary foreign workers to apply for landed status from within Canada. This means a temporary worker may apply for landed status as soon as they enter Canada . This allows the worker to begin employment sooner and gain the advantages of living in Canada while their application is being processed.

In order to facilitate the immigration process, HealthStaff oversees and monitors the process for both the worker and the employer. By having the applicants assign HealthStaff as their representative we are able to communicate directly with HRDC, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canadian Embassies and Consulates on the status of your application. This removes a major burden from both parties and allows our experts to provide the service for you.

In order for you to apply for entry into Canada you must complete the necessary Canada Immigration forms. If you are applying for temporary foreign worker status you will find the forms in their website at If you are applying for landed immigrant status please use the forms available in their website at Once again, we will recommend which process is better for you given the job opportunity and processing times. We ask that you download the forms, complete them including the form assigning HealthStaff as your representative and forward the forms to us. We will ensure the forms are completed appropriately and forward them to the necessary Embassy for processing. We will track the process and keep you informed of the timelines and any issues that may arise. It is very important that you assign us as your representative so that we may do the work for you.

WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd. works closely with each applicant in the preparation, submission and tracking of their immigration applications. Our experienced staff is able to answer questions and to provide accurate and realistic information. Applicants will not require the services of an immigration attorney, as WorldWide HealthStaff Associates manages the immigration process from the initial application to issuance of the visa.

Canadian Immigration Information

Jobs in Canada Living and Working in Canada

Canada has been welcoming immigrants from around the world for more than 200 years.

Canada has the second largest landmass of any country in the world. It is a country of vast geography, multi-cultural population, abundant natural resources in a clean environment and accessible health and social services

Canada has been ranked as the most desirable place to live by the United Nations, in five of the past ten years.

Canadian Facts

As a prospective immigrant to Canada you will have many questions as you evaluate your options. While there is vast amounts of information that can be gathered from many sources, not many people have the time to seek out and evaluate in depth. As an international company, with senior management staff who are Canadians, we would be happy to share information and experiences gained in a lifetime.

Jobs in Canada Opportunities in Canada

We are recruiting ICU nurses and a CCU Program Manager to live and work in Alberta, Canada. Alberta is one of the most prosperous Canadian provinces offering spectacular nature, low taxes and a world class standard of living.

ICU nurses with at least 2 years experience will be eligible for full time employment, permanent residency visas (including family members), top wages and a generous financial incentive package.

Revised Canadian immigration and nursing licensure regulations mean that your opportunity to live and work in Canada has never been greater.

For more information contact us at our London office:
Suite 308 Boundary House
Boston Road, London W7 2QE
Telephone: 020 8434 3578
Toll Free: 0800 876 6977


Average Home Prices in Canada

Jobs in Canada Working With Another Agency

With the significant increase in recruitment by Canadian employers, nurses are being presented with many options and apparently ever more attractive job offers. Many times these offers include promises of "We Will Get You to Canada in 6 months", "No Fees" or "Thousands of Dollars of Services for Free". While some of these offers are genuine, increasingly, agencies and employers are resorting to making offers that are not all that they appear to be.

Do you have any of the following concerns with your existing Canadian job offer or immigration application:

• Has your Canadian Immigration application been outstanding for more than 12 months and you have no idea when it may be approved?

• Has it been more than 3 months since you have heard from your employer or the agency with which you are working?

• Were you asked or coerced into signing agreements that were not fully explained to you or that you did not understand at the time you signed them?

• Were you initially promised no fees and now you are being asked to pay fees?

• Were you promised financial assistance only to find that it isn't being provided?

If you have these or any other concerns with your Canadian job offer or immigration application, we may be able to help you.

WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd. and HRPC Training & Accreditation Assistance Centre have an established track record of providing nurses with honest and realistic assistance in pursuing their dream of living and working in Canada. We understand and respect the significant impact that a successful and unsuccessful immigration application has on a nurse and their family members. Our commitment is to be reliable, honest and ethical treatment of nurses wishing to work abroad.

We would be pleased to provide you with a confidential, no cost, no obligation consultation regarding the status of your application.

Our experienced staff may be able to help you:

• Expedite your existing application.

• Get answers from your employer or agency.

• Legally terminate agreements with unscrupulous agents and employers.

You can contact us in complete confidence today.

Ms. May Quitania(Philippines)
Telephone: 632-724-8601

North America
Mr. Ronald Hoppe
Telephone: 204-958-7023

Jobs in Canada Our No Fee Commitment

We understand that you have choices in selecting a recruiting organization to help you pursue your goals and dreams of achieving professional licensure and permanent residency abroad.

WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd. does not charge any fees whatsoever, at any time for the placement and immigration processing services we provide.

Our clients who contract our services to assist them in meeting their staffing needs pay our fees in full.